HP vs. Dell Laptops

by Chappy Sinclair

Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP) are two of the most popular computer manufacturers when it comes to laptops. Both offer a wide range of options, customizations, payment methods and insurance policies. A laptop from either is designed to run efficiently and last a long time.


As both Dell and HP sell their merchandise directly, they are able to maintain a cheaper price when compared to other manufacturers. In 2009, low-end Dell and HP laptops could be purchased for as low as $399. At retail, HP laptops may cost more.


Both HP and Dell offer promotions frequently for their laptops. The better deal can change at anytime, depending on the quality of the promotion.


Both HP and Dell offer a variety of designs and colors. Dell uses more standard paint on their laptops while HP uses a more glossy substance.


Laptops from Dell and HP are designed to last a few years (taking into account care and use). Depending on the type of laptop purchased, a limited time warranty is included with both Dell and HP. All warranties can be extended for a price.


Lower-end models for both brands have little to no upgrade options. Users can upgrade the hard drive, video cards and other significant components in mid- to high-end models. Dell and HP both offer upgrade options for a reduced price. Experienced users can install the parts themselves.

About the Author

Chappy Sinclair has been writing professionally since 2006. He has been able to share his gaming and computer-related impressions and opinions on a national scale with published submissions in "PC Gamer Magazine" and "Maximum PC." Sinclair is currently studying for an aeronautical degree in navigation and avionics at the American Academy of Aeronautics.