HP Scanjet XPA C7671B Instructions

By C.J. Burry

The HP Scanjet XPA C7671B is a type of scanner developed by Hewlett-Packard. It has a USB hookup that can be adapted to any computer that has a USB port, making the HP Scanjet XPA C7671B a versatile and useful scanner for any job. You can use the HP Scanjet XPA C7671B after you have installed the HP Scanjet XPA C7671B software, which comes with your scanner, onto your computer.

Insert the software disc into your computer's disc drive.

Follow the wizard to set up the software. All you will have to do is confirm that you want to download it by pressing "OK" throughout.

Insert the USB hookup into your computer's USB port.

Lift the scanner shield to open it.

Insert a document or photo into the scan tray.

Close the scan shield.

Press the "Scan" button on the scanner and allow it to scan.