What Is HP Radia?

by Jeff Gatlin
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Software management is a challenging task. Whether ensuring you have enough licenses for employees or coworkers to legally operate software or tracking patching and updating, management software such as Radia can be a huge administrative help.


Radia is part of a large group of software management tools produced by Hewlett Packard, or HP. This group began in 1988 with HP's Network Node Manager system. Eventually HP acquired several companies that specialized in this area. Among these was Novadigm, purchased by HP in 2004. The company specialized in automating software management and included Radia. Today, Radia, along with several other products, is part of the Openview line of management products and services.


Radia, as part of Openview, offers management of software inventory, license tracking, management of patching, regular update checks and installation, management of employee use and management of the overall operating system.


The basic parts of the Radia software management system comprise the proxy and configuration servers, the tools available to the administrators and the client. A host of upgrades are available for Radia, particularly in the area of personalized service.


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