The HP PSC1300: How to Scan

by Jessica Frame

The HP PSC1300 is an all-in-one copier, scanner and printer. When scanning documents with the HP PSC 1300, you have the option of scanning in color, or black and white, with a color resolution of 600 by 2400 dpi (dots per inch). Having a scanner allows you to scan photos and important documents, which you can save as computer files or reprint when needed.

Lift the lid on the top of the printer. You will see clear glass -- this is the document scanning area.

Place any document you wish to scan, face-down on the scanner glass. Line the document in between the arrows located on the left side of the scanner. The edge of the document needs to be flush with this arrow and the edge of the scanner glass. Close the lid to cover the document on top of the scanner glass.

Press the "Scan" button. The scan button is on the top of the scanner, next to the lid of the scanner.

Select the "Accept" button with your mouse when the document appears in on your computer screen. You can also edit or change the document or photo as needed on this screen.

Save the document in a file you choose. Select "File" in the top-left of the screen, followed by "Save."

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