My HP Printer Won't Connect Wirelessly

By Greyson Ferguson

Connect a printer to your computer via wireless connection.
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Most printers now produced by Hewlett-Packard have a wireless option. This allows you to print without plugging a USB cable into the computer and the printer. However, if your HP printer is not connecting to the computer via wireless signal, you need to troubleshoot the situation to determine the problem. Once you know what the problem is you can correct the issues with the wireless connection and begin printing.

Check the USB wireless transmitter connection. Some HP printers use a wireless signal, not associated with Bluetooth. This signal is received by a computer via the connected wireless transmitter that is inserted into a USB port on the computer.

Move the printer closer to the computer. If the printer is out of range of the computer's wireless receiver, the printer is unable to receive print requests from the computer.

Re-sync the printer with the Bluetooth computer. Power on the printer, then click "Start," "Control Panel" and choose the Bluetooth option. Select that the device is ready to be found, then click "Next" and select the HP printer. Type in the four digit pair code (listed in the HP printer's user manual), then click "Next" to complete the re-sync.

Insert the driver installation CD into the disc drive of the computer. Wait a moment while the driver installation wizard loads onto the screen. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete installation of the printer driver onto the computer.