HP Officejet 6100 Troubleshooting

by Steven Symes

While printing with your Officejet 6100, the printer may suddenly stop processing the print job. Check the display panel to see what problem has stopped the printing. If you see the message “Paper Jam” you will need to remove any paper, including small pieces, from the inside of the printer so it will resume the print job. It is important you are gentle with the printer’s rollers as you remove any stuck pieces of paper, or you can severely damage the rollers.

Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. Turn the printer around so you are facing the back panel.

Press both tabs on the back door to remove it. Pull out any stuck paper inside the machine, making sure to not tear it.

Clean all the rollers in the back of the printer, making sure to turn them one complete revolution. Turn the printer around and open the print cartridge door.

Pull out any stuck paper, making sure to recover any small pieces that tore off. Clean the rollers completely in the front of the machine.

Pull on the edge of the automatic document feeder on the top of the printer. Pull up on the roller assembly and remove any stuck paper, as well as clean the rollers.

Wait 15 minutes, then close the open doors and plug the power cord back in.

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