How to Get Into HP BIOS

By Christopher Kennedy

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A computer's basic input/output system (BIOS) is a set of functions and option that tell the computer how to run and what devices to access before the operating system is loading. The BIOS is essential to every computer, as it tells the computer where to find the operating system along with many other settings. Through the BIOS, you can change the order of the devices where the computer will search for the operating system. Accessing your computer's BIOS functions is a simple process.

Step 1

Restart your HP computer if it is on. If it is off, simply turn it on.

Step 2

Wait for the HP logo to appear during the start-up sequence right after your computer turns on.

Step 3

Press the "F10" button as soon as you see the HP logo or while the screen is blank.

Step 4

Change the desired settings in your BIOS menu and exit it to gain access to your normal computing functions.