HP All-In-One Printer Troubleshooting

by Julia Fuller

Rule Out the Obvious

When attempting to identify a problem with your HP All-in-One printer, first rule out anything that can be easily corrected with an obvious solution. Verify that the is plugged in and turned on, and that there is clean, straight-edged paper in the paper-feed tray. Next, verify that the phone line is plugged into both the HP All-In-One printer and the wall jack. Plug an extra phone into the back of the printer; it should have an incoming and outgoing phone-line receptacle. Then verify that the phone line has service, is currently working and is coming through the HP printer. Open the access to the printer cartridges; verify that they are the correct cartridges and are installed correctly. HP cartridges have numbers on them that are unique to your printer series. If you are able to correct any of these issues, your HP All-In-One Printer may work correctly afterward.

Install Software, Download Drivers

Find the software disc that came with your HP All-In-One printer. Uninstall the printer software from your computer. Unhook the printer from your computer and reinstall the printer software directly from the disc. Once the software is fully installed, plug the printer back into the computer; it should work. Go to the HP website and download new drivers or software if needed. You may need to reboot the printer by holding down the on/off button until the printer shuts off. Allow it to set for at least 30 seconds before restarting it. This process also works if your printer appears to have frozen or is not responding. Check the HP website or user manual for additional suggestions or downloads. The HP website has active chat assistance available as well.

Replacement Parts

Replace your printer cartridges if the print on your documents is too light or the error message says the printer is out of ink. If the print is fuzzy, try realigning your cartridges. When you remove one, then put it back in, the printer should automatically reset and realign. If you receive an error message that says your printer is busy or the memory is full, do the following: Allow the printer to finish printing. Clear the memory by printing or purging saved faxes. Add a SDRAM DIMM memory module to increase the memory of your printer. Open the vent access on the left side of the printer, then open the metal door and add memory to an empty slot. If the ADF is having difficulty picking up paper, try replacing the ADF pickup roller assembly. Order an ADF pickup roller assembly, then remove the old assembly and install a new one. Always unplug your printer before servicing it. Follow the link in Resources to replace the ADF assembly on your HP printer.

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