HowTo Make a Bellsouth Email

By Matthew Fortuna

AT&T South, the southern U.S. branch of the massive AT&T telecommunications company, was formally known and is often still referred to as BellSouth. Setting up a BellSouth email account requires that you are a customer and subscriber and have purchased its internet services. Making a BellSouth email account can be set up with any kind of email provider, including Express, Vista and Outlook, and can be done by entering your personal BellSouth account information.

Step 1

Find the "Set Up a Mail Account" tab in your e-mail provider.

Step 2

Type the name you would like to display when using your BellSouth email address into the tab labeled "Display Name."

Step 3

Click "Next" and enter the email address that was assigned to you or that you created after changing your assigned name, into the tab labeled "E-mail address." This e-mail will be your e-mail name followed by ""

Step 4

Select "Next" and choose "POP3" as the incoming mail server.

Step 5

Enter "" into both the incoming and outgoing mail-server fields.

Click "Next," and enter your display name again into the "Account Name" field and enter a password. Click "Next" and "Finish" and your BellSouth e-mail account will be setup.