How to View Someone's Facebook Albums

By Will Conley

Photo albums are a key feature of Facebook.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Facebook users can upload and share photos with friends, colleagues, clients -- or everyone on Facebook. You may use photo albums to graphically inform customers about some aspect of your business, or to share photos with colleagues from an event or convention. However you use photos, you can view the albums of a specific user and page through the contents as long as the user has made them visible to you. Album privacy is highly customized, so even though you may be able to see some albums in a user's profile, some albums might exist that are hidden to you.

Log in to Facebook and navigate to the user whose albums you want to view. You can find the user in your friend list or by typing in the search box.

Click "Photos" on the person's profile to view the first eight albums. Click "See More" to view 16 more albums and repeat until all albums are displayed.

Click any album to view thumbnails of its contents. Click any thumbnail to see the full version of the associated photo.