How to View My Boost Mobile Contacts From the Web

By James T Wood

Boost Mobile is the branch of Sprint/Nextel that offers prepaid wireless phone and Internet usage. As a prepaid service, Boost Mobile does not require any contracts prior to providing service, but mobile phone and data use is limited to the amount of money in your account. You can also back up the contacts on your phone to the Web if you use the Motorola W385 phone and the optional wireless backup feature.

Open your Motorola W385 phone and press "Menu," then choose "Settings/Tools" and press "OK." Select "Settings," press "OK," select "Wireless Backup" and press "OK." Choose "Subscribe," "Yes" and press "OK." This service costs $2 a month to use as of February 2011. Select "Buy It Now" and press "Go" to approve the subscription.

Open the short message service, or SMS, text message sent to you by Boost Mobile. Note the password in the SMS.

Browse to the Boost Mobile Wireless Backup login screen (see Resources). Enter the 10 digits of your mobile phone number and the password you received via SMS and click "Sign On." Click "View Contacts" from the main menu. Click on a contact to edit the information for that contact. Click "Save" when you're done editing. Click "Sign Out" when you're done viewing your contacts on the Web.