How to Verify if a PayPal Buyer Has a Confirmed Address

By Adrian Grahams

PayPal buyer address confirmation can help thwart credit card fraudsters.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The PayPal online payment service offers buyer address confirmation as a security measure to help protect online retailers or eBay sellers against fraud, including the use of stolen credit cards and identity theft. PayPal only confirms a buyer's address when his shipping address matches his credit card billing address. An unconfirmed address doesn't necessarily mean that a buyer is fraudulent, but if you want to play it safe before shipping goods you can check that the address is confirmed from the My Account screen in PayPal.

Sign in to your PayPal account to open the default My Account page.

Click the "My Recent Activity" link to view recent transactions, or select "View all my transactions" if the online sale that you want to check doesn't appear in the recent activity list covering the last seven days.

Click the "Details" link next to the transaction date and customer's name to open the Transaction Details window.

View the address confirmation status in the Seller Protection column. PayPal displays the "Confirmed" address status in green type or "Unconfirmed" in yellow type under the customer's address.


Although a confirmed buyer address offers protection from credit card chargebacks arising from fraud, it won't stop buyer chargebacks made for other reasons, such as items lost or damaged in transit.