How to Use Stock Photos for EBay

By David Wayne

Taking pictures for eBay listings can be deceptively expensive when you consider the cost of camera equipment and the time needed to set up a photo shoot. Ebay prohibits using images for which you don't have permission, though the site does provide a database of stock images and text for items in new condition. If your small business sells a product from a vendor who provides stock photos to sellers, eBay permits you to use these images with the vendor's consent. Ebay requires at least one photo per listing.

Ebay Stock Photos

Visit and click “Sell an item.” Type the name of your item in the Search bar under Start a New Listing, and then click “Search.”

Click the box next to the category in which you'd like to list your item. When you're finished choosing categories, click “Continue.”

Enter the information specific to your listing on the Create Your Listing page. The stock images and text will appear in the listing form, though you'll need to scroll down to add shipping and payment information. Click “Continue” to review your details before listing.

Click “Preview your listing” to see how the stock photo will look when a buyer views your item. When you're ready, click “List your item.”

Vendor Stock Photos

Contact your vendor through their website or email address and ask them for 1MP to 2MP stock images for your specific product as this size will provide enough detail and still upload quickly.

Follow the steps above to create a new eBay listing for your product. On the Create Your Listing page, click “Add/Edit Photos” to open the image uploader. Click “Select Photos” to open a file browser, and double-click the main image for your listing to add it first, as this will be the first to appear in buyers' search results.

Click “Add photos” to add up to 12 images to your listing. When you're finished adding images, click “Upload.”

Click “Continue” to review your listing before publishing, and when you're ready, click “List your item.”


Don't use stock photos from another eBay member selling your product, as eBay could remove your listing. If the photos aren't in the eBay product catalog, your only option is to contact the product vendor.

If you use stock photos for a used item, clearly state in the title and description that the item is used. Accurately describe the item's condition in the listing to avoid negative feedback from buyers.