How to Use Quick Note in Google Chrome

By David Nield

Quick Note is a valuable online tool that you can install within Google Chrome and use to create quick notes for any purpose. You can sync these notes across multiple installations of Chrome via a Diigo account, which makes the app ideal for business colleagues working on the same project. As the Quick Note program is a Web-based app, you don't need to install any software on local machines. You can also run the app in offline mode.

Navigate to the Chrome Web Store (link in Resources), type "quick note" in the Search box and press "Enter." Click the blue "Add To Chrome" button on the right of the app's name, then click "Add" on the popup window.

Launch Quick Note from the "New Tab" screen in Chrome by clicking on its icon.

Click "Setup a diigo account" at the top of the page to register a new account. This process is optional but enables you to store and sync notes online.

Click inside the main note window and begin typing to create your first note. The note is named automatically from the first line you type.

Click the "+" icon at the top of the notes list to create a new note. Switch between notes using the title list on the left. Click on the small trash can icon in the top right-hand corner of a note to delete it.

Click inside the search box and begin typing to look for keyword matches in your existing notes. Matching notes are shown underneath as you type.

Click "Settings" to review or change your Diigo account information, used to back up your notes and sync them across multiple installations of Google Chrome.

Select a block of text on any website, right-click and choose "Add selection to note" to append the selected text to the current or most recent note. Quick Note appears as a right-hand panel on the current page showing the changes.


If you do not wish to create a new Diigo account to sync notes online, you can use a Google account instead. Click "Settings" within the Quick Note application, and then click the "Google account" button to enter your login credentials.

To remove the Quick Note app, right-click on the Quick Note app icon on the New Tab page and choose "Remove from Chrome" from the menu that appears.