How to Use Picasa to Resize the Pixels

By Christina Shaffer

Resize an image directly in Picasa before uploading it to your site.
i Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images

Using digital images to promote a product can capture a viewer’s interest and generate new clients. Depending on the size of the image, however, you may need to alter the picture’s resolution before posting it on your company’s website or third-party advertising site. Picasa allows you to edit the resolution of any image imported to the program by selecting your preferred dpi (dots per inch). When you change the pixels, the program will save a copy of the altered image automatically but will not overwrite the original picture.

Launch Picasa and select the image you want to alter.

Click the “File” tab and select the “Export Picture to Folder” option.

Click and drag the Pixels slider bar to your desired dpi or enter a specific number, such as 300, in the Resize field. Depending on the original dimensions of the image, the dpi you select or enter will determine the length or height of the picture.

Click the “Browse” button. Select an export location, such as the Desktop or My Pictures, and then click “OK.”

Enter a name for the export folder. The export folder will store each image you resize in Picasa. By default, Picasa selects “Pictures” as the folder name. To keep the default name, skip this step.

Click the “Image Quality” drop-down menu and select your preferred image quality, such as Automatic, Normal, Maximum, Minimum or Custom. The Automatic option is selected by default and will preserve the original image quality automatically.

Click the “Export” button to alter the picture’s resolution and save the edited image to your chosen export folder.