How to Use iTunes Music in PowerPoint Presentations

By James T Wood

Create the perfect soundtrack to your presentation on yellow submarines.
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Though iTunes is a popular music purchasing and management program, its file format is less popular. PowerPoint cannot run the M4P files that iTunes uses for music. You can, however, easily convert iTunes music to a more common format that PowerPoint can handle. The formats available in iTunes that also work in PowerPoint include MP3, AIFF and WAV. Of those, only MP3 files are compressed to save space.

Launch iTunes. Click "Edit" and then "Preferences."

Click "General" and then click "Importing Settings."

Select a PowerPoint-compatible audio format.

Click "OK" to save your audio options in iTunes. Find the song or songs in your iTunes library that you want to use in PowerPoint. Click to select them. (If you want to select more than one song, hold "Ctrl" while you click the titles.)

Click the "Advanced" menu and select "Create MP3 version." Note that "MP3" will be replaced by whatever audio format you specified.

Launch PowerPoint and open the presentation you want to use.

Click the "Insert" tab and then click "Audio." Browse to the location of your iTunes files; by default, they will be located in C:\Users\YourName\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music.

Double-click the desired song to insert it in the PowerPoint presentation. The song is inserted with a speaker symbol on the slide. When the speaker is selected, you can adjust the audio properties. Click the "Playback" tab in the Audio Tools section of the Microsoft Office ribbon for the options you can adjust.


Copyright law applies to PowerPoint presentations given in public or disseminated online, so be certain you have appropriate rights to use the music you select.