How to Use GPS Maps on an iPhone 4

By PercilaJ

Updated February 10, 2017

You can get directions and find your location with an iPhone 4.
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The iPhone 4 comes with GPS capability that allows you to find directions and bring up maps while you are traveling. Location-based apps, maps and directions depend on data services that may not be available in all geographic regions. You can search for locations, find your current location and get directions and traffic information with your iPhone 4.

Find a location by tapping the “Search” field to bring up the keyboard. Type your search information or an address and tap “Search.” Your location is marked by a pin. Tap the pin to see the description and name of your location. Tap the right arrow next to the location information to get directions to the location, get the location’s information or add the location to your contacts list or bookmarks.

Get your current location and turn on Tracking mode by tapping the small arrow icon on the lower left of the screen. A blue marker indicates your current location. Your iPhone updates your current location as you move around.

Get directions by tapping “Directions” and entering the starting location in the “Start” field and the ending location in the “End” field. Tap the "Contacts" icon in either field to choose a pre-entered location or address. Tap “Route” and tap the "Car" icon for directions by car, the "Bus" icon for directions through public transit or the "Man" icon for walking directions.