How to Use Gmail Listserv

By Katherine Johnson

Gmail's Contact Manager allows you to create multiple email lists.
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LISTSERV was a software program that was created in 1986 as a way to easily email large groups of people. In more recent years, "listserv" has become a general term used to describe any email list sent to a group of people. Gmail's listserv is accessed through Gmail's Contact Manager. Using Contact Manager enables you to create email groups, add members and manage your email list. You can use the Contact Manager to send email to employees based on what projects they may be working on or the department in which they work. You can also create targeted email campaigns for your customers instead of sending a single email to all of your customers.

Create a New Group

Open your browser and open the Gmail Web page.

Click on the "Gmail" link at the top of the page and select the "Contacts" link from the drop-down menu.

Click on the "New Group..." link.

Enter a name for the group and click "OK."

Check the box next to the name of each contact you wish to add to your new group and click "Apply."

Click on the "Groups" icon and select the group name you created.

Send an Email to the Group

Click on the "Compose" button on the main page of your Gmail account.

Enter the name of the group that you want to send the email to in the "To" field.

Enter the subject and content of your email.

Click the "Send" button.

Add New Contacts

Click on the "Gmail" link at the top of the page and select the "Contacts" link.

Click on the "New Contact" button.

Enter the email and name of your contact. You can also add the phone number, address, birthday and URL of your contact, if desired.

Click the "Add" button. Your new addition will automatically be added to the "My Contacts" section on your Contacts page.

Check the box next to each name that you added.

Click on the "Groups" icon.

Select your group name and click on "Apply" to move the contact to your group.