How to Use Bonjour for Printing From an iPad

By John Granby

Print from your iPad to a network printer using Bonjour technology.
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Using an iPad is often much easier than using a laptop for tasks such as checking emails, looking at presentations and Web browsing. However, there are times when printing a document is required, which may not be easy to do if your laptop is not nearby. It is possible to print from your iPad using any printer that is "AirPrint" enabled. AirPrint relies on Bonjour, which is a short-range network technology that allows devices on a network to use each other's services. In this case, Bonjour enables a printer to advertise and share its printing service to your iPad so that you do not need additional drivers or applications on the device.

Connect your iPad to the same network that has an AirPrint-enabled printer.

Tap the "Share" icon that resembles a curved arrow on any screen of your iPad that can be printed. For instance, a document viewer, email page or a picture screen all have these Share icons.

Select "Print" from the pop-up menu and select the name of the printer you want to use.

Configure any printing options available to you and tap "Print" to send your document to the printer.


The information in this article applies to iPads running iOS 6. The steps to complete this process may be significantly different or not possible on other versions of iOS.