How to Use Bluetooth to Connect an LCD Projector

By Andrew McClain

Giving presentations is stressful enough without having to worry about bringing the proper wires and connectors to interface your laptop to the LCD projector. You can take advantage of the wireless technology built into your smartphone or laptop. Many newer projectors are compatible with Bluetooth technology, which allows you to transmit images and slides from your mobile device or computer directly to the LCD projector. After you pair your device with the projector, you can play your presentation as you would if you plugged in your laptop.

Turn on your projector.

Set your projector's "Source" settings to "Bluetooth." If your projector has a USB Bluetooth device, insert it into the projector.

Pair your device or computer with the projector. On a PC, right-click anywhere on the Desktop and select "Add a Bluetooth Device." Select the projector from the list and type in the Bluetooth code for your projector; refer to your projector's documentation for the code. Click "Yes" to confirm that you want to pair the two.

Display your images on your computer or mobile device and they will appear on the projector display.