How to Use an LCD Projector With Dell Latitude

By Solomon Poretsky

Projecting from a Dell Latitude is easy when taking advantage of its display components.
i George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Dell's Latitude laptops, designed specifically for business users, include components that strike a balance between cost, performance and the high degree of reliability that businesses require. One such component is the industry-standard 15-pin Video Graphics Adapter port, included in all Latitude units. These ports let users that need to share their screens with workgroups, vendors or clients easily connect their Latitude to any liquid crystal display or digital light processing projector.

Connect your projector's VGA cable to the 15-pin VGA output on its back or side panel. Tighten the thumbscrews to ensure that it doesn't fall out.

Connect the other end of the projector's VGA cable to the VGA input on your Dell Latitude notebook.

Turn the projector on by pressing its "Power" button. You may need to wait for it to warm up.

Press your Latitude's "Power" button to turn it on and wait for it to boot up.

Connect the projector's USB and audio cables. Insert the USB connector into an open port on your Latitude. Connect the audio cable between the 3.5-mm "headphone" jack on your computer and the 3.5-mm audio input on your projector.

Hold down the "F8" key and the "Fn" key to turn on the laptop's monitor output.

Aim the projector at the screen and adjust the focus by turning the projector's focus knob, which is usually a knurled ring around the front of the lens. Your projection is now ready for display.