How to Use a Lenovo Restore Disc

By C. Taylor

Unrecoverable boot errors can turn your Lenovo computer into a useless heap of metal and plastic unless you restore the system to an operational state. If you have a Lenovo recovery disc, you can easily reinstall the operating system, drivers and programs to factory defaults, which is the computer's condition when it first left the factory. Unfortunately, restoring the computer using the recovery disk deletes all your personal data and configurations, but the system will at least be functional again.

Back up any personal data if you can still boot into the Lenovo computer. If the computer cannot be booted, then skip this step. Turn off your computer when complete, and wait at least 15 seconds.

Boot your Lenovo computer into BIOS, or setup, by pressing the appropriate key when the IBM or Lenovo logo appears. This key differs between models, so consult your manual for detailed instructions. If you do not have a manual, try pressing the blue "Access IBM" button, the "ThinkVantage" button, "F2," "F1," "Ctrl-Alt-F11," "Ctrl-Alt-F3" or "Ctrl-Alt-Ins."

Navigate to the "Start Options" menu within BIOS using your arrow keys. Select your CD/DVD drive as the first boot device by highlighting the drive and pressing "+" to move it higher on the list, or pressing "Enter" on the first boot device and choosing the CD/DVD drive.

Insert the recovery disc into the CD/DVD drive.

Press "F10" to save the BIOS settings and reboot your computer from the recovery disk. Some models may request that you "press any key to boot from CD." If you see such a message, press any key.

Select "Full Recovery" from the main menu of the "Product Recovery Program" and confirm the selection when prompted. The recovery procedure is automated with on-screen instructions. You will be prompted when recovery is complete.

Remove the recovery disc from the CD/DVD drive and click "OK" to reboot from the hard drive.