How to Use a Character Symbol in Google Docs

By Tricia Goss

Add trademarks, copyrights and other symbols to your documents for a more professional appearance.
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Google Docs offers many benefits to small business, including free cloud-based storage that provides access to any employee at any location, document sharing and collaboration, and various tools that enable you to create and modify professional documents. For instance, you can insert special characters such as currency symbols, mathematical characters or geometric shapes into any document you create or upload into Google Docs.

Log in to your Google Docs account and open the document in which you want to insert a symbol. Alternatively, create a new document by clicking the "Create" button and choosing "Document."

Select the "Insert" menu and choose "Special Characters." The Insert Special Characters dialog box opens.

Select "Symbol" in the first drop-down list. Choose the category that best fits the type of character symbol you require, such as "Stars/Asterisks," "Currency" or "Technical."

Click on a symbol to preview it. Click the "Insert" button to use it in the document.