How to Upload Videos on Facebook From iPhone 4

by Kay Ireland ; Updated February 10, 2017

Having an iPhone 4 makes it simple to use the Facebook app to upload videos directly to your Facebook walls to share with friends and family. So long as you have the application downloaded, you can use the photo uploader tool to upload videos instead, taking from your own videos saved on the phone or uploading videos that you've only just recorded. Unfortunately, the iPhone 4 Facebook app does not allow you to set privacy controls on your video, so you'll need to do that online.

Download the free Facebook application to your iPhone 4, which is found in the App Store. Once you've finished the download, sign into your Facebook using your username and password.

Touch the "News Feed" icon. This will lead you to condensed version of your Facebook News Feed. Touch the "Photo" button and then select either "Take Photo or Video" to record a new video or "Choose from Library" to select a video you've already recorded and saved on your iPhone.

Record and save a new video if you've chosen that option. The video will automatically be saved in your Camera Roll. Choose the saved video from your camera roll by selecting the thumbnail and then touching "Choose."

Type a video title or caption into the supplied description box. When you're ready, touch the "Done" button and the video will upload to Facebook.

Toggle your security settings to filter who can and can't see your video using your computer, since the Facebook iPhone app does not have security settings.

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