How to Update an iPhone When You Have Forgotten the Password

By Andrea Ruiz

Regularly updating your business apps puts the latest tools at your fingertips.
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When you use your iPhone for business, ensuring you have the latest versions of all your apps, as well as the latest iOS release, is an effective way to keep your business supplied with the latest productivity tools and features. However, whenever you update your iPhone's apps and operating system, the phone prompts you for your Apple ID's username and password. If you can no longer remember your Apple ID username and password, Apple's iForgot system lets you reset it quickly using your phone's Web browser.

Tap the "Settings" icon to navigate to your phone's settings page.

Tap the "iTunes & App Stores" tab.

Tap the "Forgot Apple ID or Password?" link. Your phone automatically launches a Web browser to the page on the Apple website that enables you to reset your password.

Enter your Apple ID in the blank field and tap "Next."

Choose between email authentication or answering security questions to access your account. Tap the radio button for your selection and tap "Next" to proceed.

Check the email associated with your Apple ID for an email from Apple if you chose email as your method of authentication. Tap the confirmation link in the email to navigate to the page to create your new password. If you chose to authenticate your account by answering security questions, answer those and follow the onscreen instructions to arrive at the screen to create a new password.

Enter the new password for your account twice, and then tap "Reset Password."

Use the new password going forward when your iPhone prompts you for your Apple ID login information to update iOS or any apps you've purchased in the App Store.


Your new password must be at least eight characters long, and contain at least one number and one uppercase letter. You won't be able to reuse any password you've previously had on the account in the last year.

You can also change your account's password by visiting My Apple ID (link in Resources) and clicking the "Reset Your Password" link. The process is identical to the one for your phone.


Information in this article applies to iOS 6. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

If you select email authentication as your means of getting back into your Apple ID account, you must use the confirmation link that Apple sends to your email within three hours, or the link expires.