How to Unblock Chrome on MalwareBytes

By Kirk Bennet

If you run your own business, keeping the computers in your office -- and the sensitive information stored on their hard drives -- safe is one of your top priorities. Malwarebytes enables you to detect and remove malware from your computers. Sometimes, Malwarebytes can block programs such as Google Chrome and other Web browsers and prevent you from accessing the Internet. If you use Chrome and it is being blocked, add it to Malwarebytes' Ignore List. Programs and folders added to the Ignore List are not scanned or blocked by Malwarebytes.

Double-click the "Malwarebytes" icon in the system tray to open the program window.

Click the "Ignore List" tab and click the "Add" button to open the Browse for Files or Folders window.

Select the "Chrome" folder and click "OK" to add it to the Ignore List. The Chrome folder is located in the "Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Google" folder on the system drive. Replace "Users/UserName" with your user information.

Click "Exit" to close the Malwarebytes window. If Google Chrome is still blocked, restart your computer.