How to Type "Squared" on PowerPoint

By Kim Lewis

If your business is in a field such as education, architecture or engineering, you may need to use PowerPoint to display a mathematical equation where a number is squared. This is the case if you need to give a presentation as an invited speaker at a conference, or if you are doing a sales pitch to a group of potential clients. You can create a squared number directly inside of PowerPoint, instead of pasting a graphic of one inside your presentation.

Launch PowerPoint and open a presentation or create a new one.

Find the number inside the presentation that you wish to square and place a “2” next to it. Alternatively, create a text box inside the slide, then type a number and then a “2.”

Select the “2” by highlighting it, then click the “Home” tab on the ribbon and go to “Font.” Click on the expansion tab so that the “Font” dialog window appears.

Go to “Effects” and click the “superscript” check box. Click “OK,” and the number you selected will become squared.