How to Type in Bengali in Gmail

By Kirk Bennet

If you run your own business and use Gmail to receive emails from your clients and employees and provide technical support via email to your clients, you can type in another language, like Bengali, by using the transliteration feature. The transliteration option converts the Roman characters to the characters used in Bengali. If you use the transliteration option in Gmail, only the sound of the words is converted from one alphabet to the other, not the meaning.

Navigate to Gmail and log in to your Gmail account.

Click the "Gear" icon and choose "Settings" from the menu to open the Settings page.

Click the "Show all language options" link to view the advanced options and then click the "Enable Transliteration" option to enable it.

Select "Bengali" in the "Default transliteration language" box. The Bengali language is the third option in the list.

Click the "Save Changes" button to save the changes and return to the Inbox page.

Click "Compose" to start a new email, type the recipient in the "To" field and enter the subject of your email in the "Subject" field.

Click the "Type in Bengali" button in the toolbox. Alternatively, you can press "Ctrl-G."

Type your message and click "Send" to sent it.


To turn off transliteration, click the "Type in Bengali" button again or press "Ctrl-G."