How to Transfer Video From a Panasonic Camcorder to Your PC

By Matt McKay

Updated February 10, 2017

Transferring video from your Panasonic camcorder can be accomplished in several ways. Modern camcorders use either USB or FireWire connections for transfer, so you will need to consult your owner's manual for details pertaining to your model and the method used. You will also need to install video software onto your computer. This software will either be supplied with your camcorder, or purchased from a third-party provider.

Connect your Panasonic camcorder to your computer with the USB or FireWire cable provided. If you do not have the proper cables, they can be purchased at a local electronic retailer.

Start your computer video software and choose "Import from Camcorder" from the file menu. This command may differ depending upon the software, and you may find specific information under the "Help" menu at the top of the software screen.

Follow the on-screen prompt to turn your camcorder on. Set the mode to "Camera." On some Panasonic models, you may have to go through the Menu screen, then select "Connect to Computer." Your owner's manual will have specific instructions for your camera model.

Your videos and photos will automatically upload, appearing on the video software screen in thumbnail views. The files can be saved in the format determined by your software.


With older Panasonic camcorders using Mini DV tapes, you will select the "Capture Video" from the file menu, hit "Play" on the camera while clicking "Play" on the software's capture screen. Alternatively, on new Panasonic camcorders, you may remove the SD card and insert it into your computer SD card reader if equipped. The software will begin automatically and download your video to the computer.


Do not erase videos from camcorder tapes, SD cards or hard drives until you are certain that they have transferred properly. View each one. If they have not transferred, you will need to repeat the process.