How to Transfer Music from CD to iPod

By Editorial Team

Updated February 10, 2017

CDs may be outdated in your digital life, but you likely have a stack of them you'd hate to give up. Use Apple's iTunes media management software on either a Mac or a PC to import the music you have on CDs into the digital world. From there, the journey to your iPod is a quick one.

Download iTunes from Apple's website to your computer.

Install iTunes on the computer and open the program.

Insert a music CD into the CD/DVD drive of your computer.

Click "Import CD" at the bottom-right corner of the iTunes window. Wait for the music on the CD to be imported. Eject the CD from the drive.

Plug your iPod into the USB port on your computer. If iTunes isn't open, the iPod launches it for you.

Click on the "Music" tab located near the top of the left navigation panel of iTunes. It displays your entire music library in the main window of iTunes. Check the boxes next to the music you imported from the CD.

Select your iPod from beneath "Devices" in the left navigation panel and click "Sync" in the lower-right corner of the iTunes window. Alternatively, drag and drop songs from the "Music" library onto the iPod icon.

Wait for your iPod to copy the music from your computer. When it is finished, iPod displays "Sync Complete." Eject the iPod from the computer.