How to Transfer Games From One iTunes Account to Another

By Nick Flegg

Angry Birds can be purchased from the iTunes Store.
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Once you have purchased a game in the iTunes Store, it stays locked to your Apple ID account. You will be able to copy and transfer your items between devices, but you cannot send your games to another account. If you want to load your games to another device, you can authorize up to five computers that can access your iTunes library, including games you have purchased.

Authorize your Device

Apple enables you to authorize up to five computers using a single Apple ID, meaning you will be able to play your purchased games on up to five systems simultaneously. You can also deauthorize computers you no longer use, ensuring you can access your purchases on your most-used devices. You can authorize your Apple ID on both Windows and Mac computers and you can connect an unlimited number of devices, such as iPhones and iPads.

Downloading Past Purchases

Apple enables you to download your previous purchases onto any compatible Apple device that has been authorized with your Apple ID. When you sign into an authorized account, you will be able to locate your purchase in your library, where you will be able to download the item to the system. If your game is no longer available in the iTunes store, you won't be able to download it, which is why Apple recommends that you back up your purchased items manually.

Back Up Your Purchases

Backing up your iTunes library enables you to transfer your purchases between devices without having to download the items a second time and consolidates your entire library, enabling you to store it on an external drive or a data DVD. You can restore your library to any authorized computer.

Transferring Purchases from a Device

You will be able to transfer purchased items that are currently on your devices by using the "Transfer Purchases" button in iTunes. You must ensure that the computer you are transferring to has been authorized with your Apple ID in order to access your purchased items. When transferring, make sure you don't choose the "Erase and Sync" option, as this will remove all of the data from your device.