How to Transfer Emails From Yahoo to Gmail

By Micah McDunnigan

Email forwarding lets you get mail from multiple accounts at a single address.
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In business, your contacts are among your greatest assets. If you have moved from using a Yahoo email account to a Google address, then old customers, associates or employers could still have your old address. Unless you want to take the time to continually check two email accounts, you could miss out on opportunities from old contacts. Fortunately, you can automatically transfer emails from Yahoo to Gmail so you'll always get emails to your other address.

Log in to your Yahoo email account.

Click on the "Tools" icon, which is shaped like a gear, then select "Mail Options" from the menu.

Click on "POP & Forwarding."

Click on radial button next to "Forward Yahoo! Mail to another email address" then type in your Gmail address in the text field below. Click the "Save" button, then confirm your Gmail address in the dialog window that pops up.

Log in to your Gmail account, and follow the instructions in the confirmation email from Yahoo to complete the process.