How to Transfer Applications From a Computer to a Thumb Drive on a Mac

By Tamara Runzel

Move applications from one computer to another with a thumb drive.
i Jeffrey Hamilton/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Thumb drives - also known as USB flash drives - can hold varying amounts of information depending upon the size that you buy. You may want to transfer applications from your Mac to your thumb drive to back-up the applications or put them on a new computer. It will take just a few minutes to transfer the files to your thumb drive.

Plug the thumb drive into one of the USB ports on your Mac. The device will appear on the Desktop.

Click on the application you want to transfer to the thumb drive, and drag it to the thumb drive icon. Let go and it will copy to the thumb drive.

Double-click the thumb drive icon if you want to organize the applications as you transfer them to the drive. You can add folders by pressing “Command+Shift+N.” Drag any applications over to the folder where you want them copied.

Click on the thumb drive icon and drag it to the “Trash” to safely eject the device.

Unplug the thumb drive.