How to Transfer a Document From a Scanner to a Computer

By A.J. Andrews

Peripherals connected to a network, such as scanners, allow the computers on the network to share the device, providing a small business with cost effectiveness, a consolidated work area and office efficiency. It also allows the small business user to transfer scanned documents from the scanner to any computer on the network using the scanner software supplied with the device. The network installation and set up are similar to when installing a scanner on a non-network computer, as is the method used to transfer the document.

Network Installation and Setup

Plug your scanner in a grounded wall outlet with its supplied AC cord. Insert one end of a USB cable in the USB port of the scanner. Insert the other end in the USB port of your network hub. Power up the scanner.

Insert the scanner driver CD, supplied with the scanner, in the host computer’s optical drive tray. A setup screen will appear, usually called an Installation or Setup Wizard.

Click “Install Scanner Utility” in the setup screen and follow its prompts. The Setup Wizard asks you to accept the terms and conditions of the scanner’s manufacturer. Click “Yes” or “I Accept,” depending on the manufacturer. You must also click “Next” several times followed by “Finish.” You might have to restart your computer.

Remove the driver disc. Repeat the installation process on all computers on your network.

Click “Start” on the host computer and type “Network” in the “Search Programs and Files” field.

Click “Network” in the search results to open the Network and Sharing Center.

Click “View Network Computers and Devices.”

Find the scanner you installed in the Network Computers and Devices window and right-click it. Click “Install.” Follow the Windows prompts to complete network installation. Repeat the network installation process on all computers on the network.

Document Scanning and Transfer

Click “Start” to open the Start menu. Click “All Programs.” Locate your scanner’s software and double-click it.

Position the document on the scanner glass, with the side you want to scan face-down. Line up the document according to the guides on the sides of the scanner glass.

Close the scanner cover. Press the “Scan” button on the scanner. Alternatively, open the scanner’s software on your computer to open a window that will present you with several scanning options. Options include scan to fax, scan to email or scan to file. Select “Scan to File.”

Select a destination folder for the scanned document and make note of it if necessary. Name the file. Click “Scan” or “OK,” depending on your scanner software

Items you will need

  • USB cable

  • Scanner driver CD