How to Track a PayPal Check Request

By Daniel Hatter

There are two ways to withdraw money from your Business account in PayPal. The first method, transferring directly to a bank account, is generally the easiest and quickest way to get access to the money. However, as this method isn’t ideal for all circumstances, PayPal also gives Business accounts another option, and that is requesting a paper check. Paper checks should be received within one or two weeks from the date of the request, but you can track the request at any time in the transaction details.

Visit and log in to your Business account. You will be taken to a loading screen; after a moment or two your account page will appear onscreen. Click the “History” link in the menu bar.

Scroll through the list of your account’s recent transactions (they will be sorted by date automatically) until you reach the check request. Click the “Details” link to the right of the transaction name.

View the details of the check request on the following page. The status and estimated arrival time will be displayed near the bottom of the page. Click the “Log Out” link at the top of the page when you are done.