How to Toggle a Bluetooth Headset During a Call in Android

By Matt Koble

Android OS allows switching to Bluetooth devices in-call via the speaker button.
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The Android OS enables convenient one-button switching between the phone's speaker and a Bluetooth headset during a call. The in-call speaker icon acts as a three-way toggle between normal audio, speakerphone and a Bluetooth headset. Switching to the Bluetooth setting frees up your hands while on business calls, allowing you to set down the phone and continu working. The headset must be paired with your phone before you can switch a call to it.

Turn your paired Bluetooth headset on and put it on your ear to prepare it for use. If the screen turned off during the call, move the phone or lightly press the power button to wake it up, depending on your phone model.

Tap the speaker icon to toggle between the phone's earpiece, the Bluetooth headset and the phone's speaker.

Hold your finger on the speaker icon to display the three options rather than toggling between them, then select the Bluetooth option.