How to Submit a Blog Post to Technorati

By Nathan McGinty

One way to get regular viewers to your small business website is by publishing a regular blog about your business field. You can further increase the reach of your blog by including it in a blog indexing site, such as Technorati, which caters to blogs in the technology field. Submitting a blog post to Technorati involves registering your blog on the site and then claiming ownership of the blog by including a special token in one of your blog posts. Once this is set up, your blog posts will be submitted to Technorati automatically every time they're published.

Log in to Technorati. Register for a free account if you don't have one set up already by going to the signup page.

Click the "My account" button at the top of the screen.

Type the URL of the blog that you would like to submit to Technorati by typing it in the box at the top of the screen labelled "Start a blog claim." Click "Claim" when finished.

Fill in the information about your blog on the next screen. In the "Description" field, write something about your blog and the audience segment. Type the name of your blog in the "Title" field. The most important field on this form is the "Feed URL." Enter the RSS or Atom feed address for your blog here, otherwise Technorati won't be able to find your blog. Also important is the "Category" drop-down selection. Picking the right category will ensure that your blog will be found by people interested in the subject. In the "Links" section, add up to three different blogs that link back to the blog you're submitting. Click "Proceed" when finished.

Check your email box for a claim token from Technorati. Once you've received the token, go back to your Technorati account page and click on the "Check claim" button located at the bottom of the page.

Create a new post on the blog you just submitted to Technorati. Somewhere in the post, include the claim token that was mailed to you. Publish the post so that it is public and appears in your RSS or Atom feed.

Check the Technorati directory for your blog listing. This means that the submission process has been completed and your blogs will be automatically indexed by Technorati.


After your blog has been claimed and appears in the Technorati directory, you can go back and delete the token in your blog post.