How to Stream Netflix With Windows Media Player on XP

By Tiesha Whatley

Updated February 10, 2017

Streaming Netflix with Windows Media Player
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Netflix is a Web company that offers different memberships to individuals to rent movies without leaving the comfort of their homes. Netflix recently incorporated instant viewing, or streaming, to some of their popular movies and television shows. The movies can stream online, to approved DVD players, televisions and TiVos. For Windows XP users, you can also stream videos to Windows Media Player after you've added them to your Netflix queue.

Sign up for a Netflix account if you don't already have one (see Resources for link). You will need a credit card or checking account even if it says it is a 30-day trial. Ensure that the total amount for the membership plan you choose is available in your checking account or credit card.

Add "Watch Instantly" movies or television shows to your queue. The media files that are available for instant streaming have the "Add/Play" button below them. Browse through the available titles until you've found the one that you want to watch. Click on the "Add/Play" button to add it to your queue.

Open Windows Media Player in Windows XP. Click on "Start," "All Programs" and "Windows Media Center."

Click on "Movies" and then the "Watch Instantly Netflix" link. Enter your Netflix login details in the main screen and click on "Log In." Your "Instant Queue" is the first screen. Click on the file you want to play and then click on "Play" when the next screen appears. Watch the streaming Netflix file in the Windows Media Player.

Items you will need

  • Netflix membership account

  • Windows Media Player

  • Windows XP