How to Stop Comments on a Profile Page in Facebook

By Aaron Wein

With default settings left intact, your followers on your Facebook business page can post at will on your Timeline. While this can be a good way to start an online dialogue, it can also open the floodgates for inappropriate or unprofessional conduct on your page. Facebook does, however, enable you to restrict posting to your page, preventing all followers from making posts or publishing photos and videos. You can also stop your friends from posting on your personal Timeline.

Business Page

Log in to Facebook and navigate to your business page.

Click "Edit Page" to view a drop-down menu.

Click "Manage Permissions" to view a new page.

Remove the check next to "Everyone Can Post."

Remove the check next to "Everyone Can Add Photos and Videos."

Click "Save Changes."

Personal Accounts

Log in to Facebook and click the gear-shaped button.

Click "Account Settings" to view a new page.

Click "Timeline and Tagging."

Click "Edit" in the Who Can Add Things to My Timeline section.

Click the "Friends" button and click "Only Me."

Click "Close" next to Who Can Add Things to My Timeline to finish saving your changes.


Facebook enables you to allow a review process for posts. When enabled, all posts must be reviewed by an admin in order for the post to publish. From the "Manage Permissions" page, click the drop-down menu next to Default Visibility of Posts and click "Hidden From Page." Click "Save Changes."