How to Speed Up Downloading on Your Computer

By Misty Rodriguez

Help speed up the downloads on your computer.
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The Internet is loaded with useful files that are available for download, such as videos, music, applications and software. One of the advantages of buying these files online is that you don't have to leave your home to go get them. However, slow download times can take the appeal right out of online purchases. Things like slow Internet speed and poor CPU performance can make downloads take much longer to complete. Fortunately, there are ways to fix these problems and cut your download time significantly.

Close as many programs as you can before you start downloading files. Running programs use up system resources, causing file downloads to slow down. Chances are, there are many unused programs on your computer that can be shut down.

Shut down any open browser windows or tabs that you aren't using. It's important to do as little as possible on your computer while downloading.

Prioritize your downloads, and only download one file at a time. While it may be tempting to start all of your downloads and get it over with, the file progress will move extremely slow if you do that. Start by downloading the most important files, that way you aren't stuck waiting on something you really need.

Contact your Internet service provider and inquire about an upgrade to a faster connection. Some providers offer speedier service at a discounted rate, so you may not have to pay too much more on your monthly bill. A faster connection allows you to download files in less time.

Use your anti-virus program to scan your computer for spyware and viruses on a regular basis. These malicious programs cause your computer to run poorly, therefore slowing down your downloads.