How to Speed Up a Narrated PowerPoint

By Kristie Sweet

A crisply-paced PowerPoint presentation can keep your audience from getting bored.
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Adding narration to a PowerPoint presentation allows you to advertise your business products or services, explain procedures and highlight concepts without even being present. But getting the timing right for the narration can be tricky. Although PowerPoint automatically sets the timing for slides with narration, if you find you need to speed up the slide show, rather than recording the narrative again, you can adjust the amount of wait time associated with each slide.

Open your PowerPoint presentation and choose "Normal" view from the tabs along the left side. Click on the slide for which you want to change the speed.

Click the "Transitions" tab along the top of the screen.

Find the Advance Slide section on the upper-right area of the screen. Click the small arrows next to "After" to set how many seconds you want the slide to be shown.

Repeat to set the timing on each slide in the presentation. Save your changes when you finish.


You can click to place a check mark in both the "On mouse click" and "After" boxes in the Advance Slide menu for each slide. If you do so, the show will advance by either a mouse click or the timing, whichever comes first.