How to Set Up Tracking Between Google & Clickbank

By Warren Davies

Set up a goal funnel to track your Clickbank sales.
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Clickbank allows you to sell other people's products on your site in exchange for a percentage of the sale. This is a good way to expand your product range or to test whether your audience will like new types of product, without having to actually produce the product yourself. However, since the sales occur on Clickbank's site, your Google Analytics tracking code won't capture the sale process by default. You can resolve this issue by setting up a funnel and using special URLs provided by Clickbank.

Log in to your Google Analytics account. Select the profile and URL of your business's site and then click the “Admin” button in the upper-right corner of the screen. Click the profile again from the “Profiles” tab and then click “Goals.”

Click “+ Goal” to set up a new goal. Enter a suitable “Goal Name,” click the “Active” radio button and then click “URL Destination” from the “Goal Type” menu. Some more options will appear.

Copy and paste the URL of the “Thank you” page on your own site into the “Goal URL” text box. Select “Regular Expression Match” from the “Match Type” drop-down menu and choose an optional numerical “Goal Value” – typically you would use the price of the product here.

Click “Use Funnel” from the “Goal Funnel” section. Two text fields appear next to “Step 1.” Enter the URL of the Clickbank product's pitch page on your own site. Enter this relative to your root domain, so use “/products/GardeningEbook.html” (without quotations) and not “”. Enter a descriptive label in the second text box, such as “Gardening Ebook Pitch Page”.

Click “+ Goal Funnel Step.” Enter “^/order/orderform.html.*$” (without quotations) and “Clickbank order form” into the left and right text boxes respectively.

Click “+ Goal Funnel Step” again to bring up a third set of text boxes. Enter “^/order/receipt.html.*$” (without quotations) and “ClickBank Success Page” into these boxes. Click “Save.”

Copy the “Property ID” just under the name of the profile in the middle of the screen.

Log in to your Clickbank account. Click “Account Settings,” “Edit” and then click “Add Tracking Code.” Select “Google Analytics” and then paste the property ID into the text box provided. Click “Save.”