How to Set Up My Printer in Firefox

By Alan Sembera

Firefox enables you to customize the way it prints Web pages.
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Firefox assists you in eliminating many of the problems associated with printing Web pages. You can get rid of background images that interfere with the text, adjust your page margins, or even change the text that prints on the top and bottom of each page. You can also select a default printer that Firefox will always use, even if you use a different default printer for other Windows programs.

Page Settings

Select the “Page Setup” option from the File menu. If your browser is set to show the Firefox tab, click the tab and then hover your mouse over the “Print” option to access the “Page Setup” option.

Set the page orientation to “Portrait.” This setting normally provides the best results when printing Web pages. The “Landscape” setting generally is used when printing wide images or tables.

Check the box next to “Shrink to Fit Page” if it is not already checked. This instructs Firefox to fit the contents of the page within the margins when printing.

Check the box next the “Print Background (Colors & Images)” only if you want to print all the design elements on a Web page. By default this box is unchecked so that the graphics don’t obscure the text on a printed Web page.

Select the “Margins & Header/Footer” tab.

Change the values in the Headers & Footers section if you want to change the text that appears at the top and bottom of each printed page. By default the headers and footers contain the Web page title, the Web page URL, page numbers, and the date and time. You can change the order of these items, remove them, or replace them with custom text such as your company name. Click "OK" when done.

Printer Settings

Select the “Print” option from the File menu or the Firefox tab.

Select a printer from the drop-down menu in the "Name" field. Once you print with this printer selected, it will remain your default printer in Firefox until you set it to another printer.

Click the “Properties” button to change the printer's settings, such as paper size, print quality or color options. The specific commands for changing these settings vary depending on the brand and model of your printer. Click “OK” to close the Properties dialog box when you have finished adjusting these settings.


Before you use a printer from Firefox or any other program in Windows, you must install the drivers for that printer. To install drivers for a printer, select the “Search” charm for the Charms bar, click “Settings, and then type “add printer.” Select the “Add Printer” app from the results, and then Windows will automatically search for local and network printers. Choose a printer from the results and then follow the prompts to add the printer.


Information in this article applies to Firefox version 20 for Windows. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.