How to Set Up a Printer to Print a Multi-Page Banner

By Daniel Hatter

Poster printers aren't absolutely necessary to print large banners and posters.
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Printing posters and large banners is most easily done with a poster printer, but it is also possible on a regular printer using the page tiling feature. When enabled, page tiling separates your banner or poster into 8.5-by-11 inch sections and can also provide cut marks around each individual section. This feature can be very useful for businesses that don't want to spend a lot of money on poster printers that they would only use rarely. To print a banner, set up your printer to enable the page tiling feature.

Double-click your banner file to open it in its default program. Open the "File" menu, click "Save As" and then select "PDF" as the file format to save it in. Save the PDF version of your banner to a convenient location on your computer.

Double-click the PDF file you saved to open it in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. If you don't have either program on your computer, download and install the free Adobe Reader program from the Adobe website (see link in Resources).

Click the "Print" button, select your printer from the "Name" drop-down menu and in the "Page Handling" section select "Tile large pages" from the "Page Scaling" drop-down menu.

Check the "Cut Marks" check box to print cut marks with each banner section and check the "Labels" check box to print a label (to help with ordering the sections) with each section. Adjust the "Tile Scale" percentage and section overlap setting, if desired. The defaults are 100% and .005 inches, respectively.

Click "OK" to print your banner. Once every section has printed, cut the white space off of each page according to the cut marks and use tape or glue to connect the sections together. The overlap should give you the necessary space to make sure the sections line up properly.