How to Set up a Home Fax Machine With a Wireless Router

By Brian Flax

Fax machines still require a phone line to send and receive faxes.
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Many newer fax machines include a wireless adapter that can be used to connect to your home network so you can print documents from any location inside your home without having to run a cable from your computer to the fax machine. Fax machines still need to be connected to a telephone jack to send and receive faxes, so make sure you install the device with one in reach.


Use the telephone wire to connect the fax machine to the telephone jack on the wall. Because fax machines transmit data over telephone wire, you won't be able to send and receive faxes over your wireless network.

Scroll through the menu on your fax machine until you find the "Settings" option and press "Enter." Look for a "Wireless Networks" option and press "Enter." This will let you scan for the wireless network that you want to connect to. Once you've found your home network, press "Enter." If your network is password protected, you'll be required to enter the password before connecting.

Load the fax machine drivers on your computer. Your fax machine may have come with a CD or DVD with the drivers on it. The install program should launch automatically once you insert the CD.

Test your fax machine with a free test service like the HP Fax Test Service. Send a blank one-page black and white document to the number designated. If the test is successful, you'll receive a return fax with a confirmation.

Test the connection to your wireless network by printing a test page. You can print a word document in any text editor program or you can print a Web page from your browser. If you don't intend to use the fax machine as a printer, you can skip this step.

Items you will need

  • Telephone wall jack

  • Telephone cable


Some manufactures do not include drivers with the device, but you should be able to find the drivers on the manufactures website.


If you have caller ID blocked on your phone line, the HP Fax Test Service will not be able to send a confirmation. Dial *82 before the fax number to temporarily disable caller ID blocking.