How to Set an Auto Boot on an Android

By Brandon Getty

Start certain apps automatically to make navigating your Android easier.
i Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The advanced, feature-packed Android device is an asset to business owners and entrepreneurs. With the Web, a smart email interface, direct shortcuts to social media and multimedia entertainment options, you can practically run your business from your phone. If you have a select number of apps you use regularly on your Android, you can program them to start automatically upon bootup for fast access.

Launch Google Play by tapping the icon on the home screen of your Android.

Download and install an automatic app launching software from Google Play. There are a variety of options, including Auto Launcher, Auto Start and Startup Manager.

Tap the "Launch Program" option once your preferred software has finished downloading.

Scroll through the list of apps that the software displays and determine which you would like to start automatically. Each software mentioned in Step 1 features this list.

Tap the check box next to your desired apps. Once selected, these apps will run automatically following your next bootup.