How to Set a Static IP for an HP LaserJet

By Ruri Ranbe

Some HP LaserJet models ship with HP Embedded Web Server that, if a computer is connected to the LaserJet, can access the internal software to configure the device. If your business uses a centralized print server, you can assign a static IP to a LaserJet. Static IP addresses, unlike dynamic IP addresses, do not change. If a printer uses a static IP, the workstations in your office can send print jobs to the device without losing connectivity. If your printer does not come with EWS, use the printer's control panel to create a static IP.

Using the Embedded Web Server

Press the wrench-shaped icon to open the Setup screen. Use the directional buttons to select "Network Setup," and then click "OK."

Select "Print Network Config. Page," and then press "OK" to print the Network Configuration Page.

Open a browser and navigate to the address listed to the right of "URL(s) for Embedded Web Server" on the Network Configuration Page.

Click "Networking," and then choose "Network Settings" from under "Configuration."

Click the "TCP/IP" tab, and then select "Manual" from the "IP Configuration Method" drop-down menu.

Enter the new address into the appropriate field, and then click "Apply" to set the static IP.

Click "OK," and then reprint the Network Configuration page after a few minutes to confirm your changes.

Using the Control Panel

Press the "Select" button on the printer's control panel.

Use the navigation buttons to highlight "Network Config.," and then press "Select."

Highlight "TCPIP," press "Select," choose "Manual," and then press "Select" again.

Input the static IP address into the fields provided, pressing "Select" after each octet.

Press "Yes," followed by "Select" to change the IP address. Enter the subnet mask and default gateway using the same method you used to create the static IP.


The steps to configure a static IP may vary depending on the model of your HP LaserJet. If your browser uses a proxy server, you may need to disable it to access the EWS.