How to Send SMS Calendar Reminders to Invitees Through Google Calendar

By Nathan McGinty

It's easy to keep track of events with SMS reminders from Google.
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Missing an important event or an appointment can be frustrating. Even if you remember to jot an occasion in your day planner, there's always the possibility that you might forget it. Now, thanks to Google Calendar, you, and any attendees you choose, can get SMS calendar reminders sent automatically directly to your mobile phone.

Setting Up SMS Event Reminders

Log in to your Google Account and click the "Calendar" link.

Select the calendar for which you want to create the event in the list of calendars.

Click on a day in the calendar. Type in a name for your event and click "Edit Event."

Fill out any additional details for your event, including the specific time, place and other event details.

Invite guests to your event by entering their email addresses into the "Add guests" dialog box and clicking "Add guest."

Select "SMS" from the pull down in the "Reminders" section. Use the additional pull-down boxes to set the specific time before the event that you want SMS reminders to be sent. You can add additional reminder events by clicking "Add reminder."

Click the red "Save" button.


To receive SMS reminders, your invitees also need to have their phones configured for SMS alerts from Google Calendar.


Although Google doesn't charge for the SMS reminder service, recipients should check with their carrier to see whether they will be charged for SMS reminder messages.