How to Send PowerPoint Presentations With an Inserted Video

By Theodora Pennypacker

When creating business presentations in PowerPoint you can insert video on a slide in just a few clicks. But whenever you incorporate a video into a PowerPoint presentation, the media does not become a part of the slideshow; you are simply programming PowerPoint to reference the video from its storage location and play it on a specific slide. So, if you ever plan on sharing a PowerPoint presentation that contains video you need to link the assets and bundle them together into a ZIP archive. Otherwise, if you send a PowerPoint presentation by itself, any video you insert into the slideshow goes off-line and the application cannot reference the media.

Click “Start” and “Computer” and a Windows Explorer window opens. Navigate to a specific folder directory on your computer.

Right-click anywhere on the Windows Explorer window. Select “New” from the fly-out menu and choose “Folder.” A new folder is created. By default, it is named “New Folder.” Rename it by clicking the folder name, entering a new title and pressing the “Enter” key.

Transfer your PowerPoint presentation and video to this folder.

Open the PowerPoint presentation from this folder location. Select the slide where you want to insert the video. Click the “Insert” tab on the application menu and select the “Video” icon.

Choose the “Video from File…” option under the fly-out menu and a file browser window loads. Navigate to the digital video file in the folder location, select the item and click “Open.” The media is now embedded on the slide.

Click the “File” tab and select “Save” to update the PowerPoint presentation.

Right-click on the folder with the PowerPoint presentation and linked digital video file. Select “Send To” from the fly-out menu and choose “Compressed (zipped) Folder.” Windows creates a ZIP archive of the folder.

Send the ZIP archive to your recipient through an email attachment or a file delivery service. When the recipient extracts the contents of the ZIP archive and opens the PowerPoint presentation, the inserted video will be playable on the slide it is embedded on.