How to Send an Invitation for Someone to Join Facebook

By Aaron Wein

Send someone an email or text message invitation to join Facebook.
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Facebook serves as a valuable networking tool for business owners and employees, giving them another avenue to forge relationships and move the business forward. If you know someone who doesn't have a Facebook account, it may take some persuading to motivate the person to create an account. You can make things easier by sending the person an invitation, either to his email account or to his cell phone. When he receives the message, he can follow a hyperlink and sign up for Facebook.

Log in to Facebook and select "Find Friends" in the left navigation pane.

Select "Other Tools" to view additional options.

Select "Invite a Friend By Email or Phone Number" to open a new page.

Enter emails and phone numbers -- separated by commas -- of the people you'd like to invite to Facebook into the "To" field.

Enter a message into the "Message" field.

Select "Invite Your Friends" to send the invitation.


Inviting someone to join Facebook also invites the person to become your friend on your personal account, allowing them to view all your personal account information, depending on your privacy settings. After the person joins Facebook, you can send him a request to visit your business page.